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Research Output

Previously published


  • Danilo Garcia; Kevin M. Cloninger; Sverker Sikström; Henrik Anckarsäter; C. Robert Cloninger (2018). 
    A Ternary Model of Personality: Temperament, Character, and Identity , GUP 269284

  • Helle Wijk; Kirsten Corazzini; Irma Lindström Kjellberg; Anton Kinnander; Eirini Alexiou; Karl Swedberg (2018).
    Person-Centered Incontinence Care in Residential Care Facilities for Older Adults With Cognitive Decline: Feasibility and Preliminary Effects on Quality of Life and Quality of Care ISSN: 0098-9134 , GUP 272529

  • Monika Davidovic; Louise Karjalainen; Göran Starck; Elisabet Wentz; Malin Björnsdotter Åberg; Håkan Olausson (2018).
    Abnormal brain processing of gentle touch in anorexia nervosa ISSN: 0925-4927, GUP 270071

  • Setareh Alabaf; Christopher Gillberg; Sebastian Lundström; Paul Lichtenstein; Nóra Kerekes; Maria Råstam; Henrik Anckarsäter (2018).
    Physical health in children with neurodevelopmental disorders. ISSN: 1573-3432, GUP 269775

  • Viktoria Johansson; Eva Norén Selinus; Ralf Kuja-Halkola; Sebastian Lundström; Natalie Durbeej; Henrik Anckarsäter; Paul Lichtenstein; Clara Hellner (2018).
    The Quantified Behavioral Test Failed to Differentiate ADHD in Adolescents With Neurodevelopmental Problems. ISSN: 1557-1246, GUP 269328

  • Carl Delfin; Peter Andiné; Björn Hofvander; Eva Billstedt; Märta Wallinius (2018).
    Examining Associations Between Psychopathic Traits and Executive Functions in Incarcerated Violent Offenders ISSN: 1664-0640, GUP 269216


  • Christian Munthe; Leila El-Alti; Thomas Hartvigsson; Niels Nijsingh (2018).
    Disputing with patients in person-centered care: Ethical aspects in standard care, pediatrics, psychiatry, and public health ISSN: 2211-4742, GUP 268319


  • Thomas Hartvigsson; Christian Munthe; Gun Forsander (2018).
    Error trawling and fringe decision competence: Ethical hazards in monitoring and addressing patient decision capacity in clinical practice ISSN: 1477-7509, GUP 263435


  • Marie Claire Saunders; Henrik Anckarsäter; Sebastian Lundström; Clara Hellner; Paul Lichtenstein; Nathalie M G Fontaine (2018).
    The Associations between Callous-unemotional Traits and Symptoms of Conduct Problems, Hyperactivity and Emotional Problems: A Study of Adolescent Twins Screened for Neurodevelopmental Problems. ISSN: 1573-2835, GUP 268915


  • Margherita Malanchini; Emily Smith-Woolley; Ziada Ayorech; Kaili Rimfeld; Eva Krapohl; Eero Vuoksimaa; Tellervo Korhonen; Meike Bartels; Toos C E M van Beijsterveldt; Richard J Rose; Jaakko Kaprio; Paul Lichtenstein; Dorret I Boomsma; Robert Plomin; Henrik Anckarsäter (2018).
    Aggressive behaviour in childhood and adolescence: the role of smoking during pregnancy, evidence from four twin cohorts in the EU-ACTION consortium. ISSN: 1469-8978, GUP 268914


  • Eirini Alexiou; Helle Wijk; G. Ahlquist; Anette Kullgren; Alessio Innocenti (2018).
    Sustainability of a person-centered ward atmosphere and possibility to provide person-centered forensic psychiatric care after facility relocation ISSN: 1752-928X, GUP 268861


  • Olof Svensson; Karolina Sörman; Natalie Durbeej; Paul Lichtenstein; Henrik Anckarsäter; Nora Kerekes; Thomas Nilsson (2018).
    Associations Between Conduct Disorder, Neurodevelopmental Problems and Psychopathic Personality Traits in a Swedish Twin Youth Population ISSN: 0882-2689, GUP 268724


  • Henrik Bergman; Thomas Nilsson; Peter Andiné; Alessio Degl'Innocenti; Roland Thomeé; Annelie Gutke (2018).
    Physical performance and physical activity of patients under compulsory forensic psychiatric inpatient care. ISSN: 1532-5040, GUP 268575


  • O. Pain; F. Dudbridge; A. G. Cardno; D. Freeman; Y. Lu; Sebastian Lundström; P. Lichtenstein; A. Ronald (2018).
    Genome-wide analysis of adolescent psychotic-like experiences shows genetic overlap with psychiatric disorders ISSN: 1552-4841, GUP 268555


  • Nora Kerekes; Susanne Apelqvist; Cecilia Fielding; Henrik Anckarsäter; Thomas Nilsson (2018).
    The Prison Adjusted Measure of Aggression (PAMA): Psychometric characteristics of a new tool measuring change in aggressive behaviors in correctional settings ISSN: 01651781, GUP 267291


  • Olof Arvidsson; Christopher Gillberg; Paul Lichtenstein; Sebastian Lundström (2018).
    Secular changes in the symptom level of clinically diagnosed autism. ISSN: 1469-7610, GUP 267278


  • Mina Rydell; Sebastian Lundström; Christopher Gillberg; Paul Lichtenstein; Henrik Larsson (2018).
    Has the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder phenotype become more common in children between 2004 and 2014? Trends over 10 years from a Swedish general population sample. ISSN: 1469-7610, GUP 267275



  • Caroline Mårland; Paul Lichtenstein; Alessio Degl'Innocenti; Tomas Larson; Maria Råstam; Henrik Anckarsäter; Christopher Gillberg; Thomas Nilsson; Sebastian Lundström (2017).
    The Autism-Tics, ADHD and other Comorbidities inventory (A-TAC): previous and predictive validity. ISSN: 1471-244X, GUP 262590
  • Lena Eriksson; Moa Kindström Dahlin; Susanna Radovic (2017).
    Att visa upp en patient – utsagor och bedömningar vid beslut om tvångsvård ISSN: 0105-1121, GUP 262274

    Doctoral thesis:
  • Anna-Kari Sjödin (2017).
    Offenders of intimate partner violence: Aggressive antisocial behavior and mental health , GUP 261200
  • Anna-Kari Sjödin; Märta Wallinius; Eva Billstedt; Björn Hofvander; Thomas Nilsson (2017).
    Evidence for Two Levels of Intimate Partner Violence and Aggression Among Incarcerated Young Male Violent Offenders. ISSN: 1552-6933, GUP 261195


  • Christopher Gillberg; Sebastian Lundström; Elisabeth Fernell; Gill Nilsson; Brian Neville (2017).
    Febrile Seizures and Epilepsy: Association With Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the Child and Adolescent Twin Study in Sweden ISSN: 0887-8994, GUP 259109
  • Moa Kindström Dahlin; Susanna Radovic; Lena Eriksson (2017).
    "Juridiken måste gå ihop" - Domares tillämpning och offentligrättsliga principer vid muntliga förhandlingar i psykiatrimål ISSN: 2000-6500, GUP 258478
  • G. D. Bjarnadottir; M. Johannsson; A. Magnusson; B. Rafnar; E. Sigurdsson; Steinn Steingrimsson; V. Asgrimsson; I. Snorradottir; H. Bragadottir; H. M. Haraldsson (2017).
    Methylphenidate disintegration from oral formulations for intravenous use by experienced substance users ISSN: 0376-8716, GUP 257931
  • J. Taljemark; Maria Råstam; P. Lichtenstein; Henrik Anckarsäter; N. Kerekes (2017).
    The coexistence of psychiatric and gastrointestinal problems in children with restrictive eating in a nationwide Swedish twin study ISSN: 2050-2974, GUP 256861
  • Björn Hofvander; Henrik Anckarsäter; Märta Wallinius; Eva Billstedt (2017).
    Mental health among young adults in prison: the importance of childhood-onset conduct disorder. ISSN: 2056-4724, GUP 255794
  • V. Z. Ivanov; A. Nordsletten; D. Mataix-Cols; E. Serlachius; P. Lichtenstein; Sebastian Lundström; P. K. E. Magnusson; R. Kuja-Halkola; C. Ruck (2017).
    Heritability of hoarding symptoms across adolescence and young adulthood: A longitudinal twin study ISSN: 1932-6203, GUP 255524
  • N. Kerekes; Örjan Falk; S. Brandstrom; Henrik Anckarsäter; Maria Råstam; B. Hofvander (2017).
    The protective effect of character maturity in child aggressive antisocial behavior ISSN: 0010-440X, GUP 255273
  • Anna-Kari Sjödin; M. Wallinius; Eva Billstedt; B. Hofvander; Thomas Nilsson (2017).
    Dating violence compared to other types of violence: similar offenders but different victims ISSN: 1889-1861, GUP 255215
  • Eva Billstedt; Henrik Anckarsäter; M. Wallinius; B. Hofvander (2017).
    Neurodevelopmental disorders in young violent offenders: Overlap and background characteristics ISSN: 0165-1781, GUP 255000
  • Ann-Sophie Lindqvist Bagge; T. Rosen; Claudia Fahlke; C. Ehrnborg; B.O. Eriksson; Tommy Moberg; I. Thiblin (2017).
    Somatic effects of AAS abuse: A 30-years follow-up study of male former power sports athletes. 1878-1861, GUP 252458
  • M. J. Taylor; Christopher Gillberg; P. Lichtenstein; Sebastian Lundström (2017).
    Etiological influences on the stability of autistic traits from childhood to early adulthood: evidence from a twin study 2040-2392, GUP 252327
  • Martin Cederlöf; Ralf Kuja-Halkola; Henrik Larsson; Arvid Sjölander; Per Östberg; Sebastian Lundström; Ian Kelleher; Paul Lichtenstein (2017).
    A longitudinal study of adolescent psychotic experiences and later development of substance use disorder and suicidal behavior. 1573-2509, GUP 250386


  • H. K. Carlsen; Steinn Steingrimsson; M. I. Sigurdsson; S. Sigfusson; A. Magnusson (2017).
    Latent classes in diagnoses among psychiatric inpatients predicting mortality and imprisonment - a nationwide cohort study 0924-9338, GUP 251112
  • Kelly Donahue; Niklas Långström; Sebastian Lundström; Paul Lichtenstein; Mats Forsman (2017).
    Familial Factors, Victimization, and Psychological Health Among Sexual Minority Adolescents in Sweden. 1541-0048, GUP 250387

    Collective Works:
  • E. Dunbar; A. Blanco; D. A. Crèvecoeur-MacPhail; Christian Munthe; Michael Fingerle; David Brax (2017).
    The Psychology of Hate Crimes as Domestic Terrorism: U.S. and Global Issues. Vol. 3 , GUP 244781
  • Lisa Dinkler; Sebastian Lundström; Ruchika Gajwani; Paul Lichtenstein; Christopher Gillberg; Helen Minnis (2017).
    Maltreatment-associated neurodevelopmental disorders: a co-twin control analysis. 1469-7610, GUP 250147


  • E. N. Selinus; Y. Molero; P. Lichtenstein; Henrik Anckarsäter; Sebastian Lundström; M. Bottai; C. H. Gumpert (2016).
    Subthreshold and threshold attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in childhood: psychosocial outcomes in adolescence in boys and girls 0001-690X, GUP 248648


  • Örjan Falk; Anis Sfendla; Sven Brändström; Henrik Anckarsäter; Thomas Nilsson; Nora Kerekes (2016).
    Personality and trait aggression profiles of male and female prison inmates 0165-1781, GUP 248139

        Doctoral thesis:

  • Örjan Falk (2016).
    Aggressive Antisocial Behavior: Risk Factors and Personality Profile , GUP 249010


  • Hedvig Krona; Marielle Nyman; Helena Andreasson; Nicolas Vicencio; Henrik Anckarsäter; Märta Wallinius; Thomas Nilsson; Björn Hofvander (2016).
    Mentally disordered offenders in Sweden: differentiating recidivists from non-recidivists in a 10-year follow-up study 08039488, GUP 248138


  • Ola Ståhlberg; Sofia Boman; Christina Robertsson; Nora Kerekes; Henrik Anckarsäter; Thomas Nilsson (2016).
    A 3-year follow-up study of Swedish youths committed to juvenile institutions: Frequent occurrence of criminality and health care use regardless of drug abuse 0160-2527, GUP 248137

  • Malin Björnsdotter (2016).
    Brain Processing of CT-Targeted Stimulation , GUP 247583

  • Agnieszka Butwicka; Niklas Långström; Henrik Larsson; Sebastian Lundström; Eva Serlachius; Catarina Almqvist; Louise Frisén; Paul Lichtenstein (2016).
    Increased Risk for Substance Use-Related Problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Population-Based Cohort Study. 1573-3432, GUP 246319

  • Eirini Alexiou; Alessio Degl'Innocenti; A. Kullgren; Helle Wijk (2016).
    The impact of facility relocation on patients' perceptions of ward atmosphere and quality of received forensic psychiatric care 1752-928X, GUP 242821

  • Monika Davidovic; Emma H. Jönsson; H. Olausson; Malin Björnsdotter (2016).
    Posterior Superior Temporal Sulcus Responses Predict Perceived Pleasantness of Skin Stroking 1662-5161, GUP 242693

  • G. D. Bjarnadottir; A. Magnusson; B. O. Rafnar; E. Sigurdsson; Steinn Steingrimsson; M. Johannsson; H. Bragadottir; H. M. Haraldsson (2016).
    Intravenous Use of Prescription Psychostimulants; A Comparison of the Pattern and Subjective Experience between Different Methylphenidate Preparations, Amphetamine and Cocaine 1022-6877, GUP 242057

  • Christian Munthe (2016).
    Precautionary Principle , GUP 241215

  • Christian Munthe (2016).
    Conscientious refusal in healthcare: the Swedish solution 0306-6800, GUP 241183

  • Lars Sandman; Erik Gustavsson; Christian Munthe (2016).
    Individual responsibility as ground for priority setting in shared decision-making 0306-6800, GUP 239944


  • M. J. Taylor; P. Lichtenstein; H. Larsson; Henrik Anckarsäter; C. U. Greven; A. Ronald (2016).
    Is There a Female Protective Effect Against Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder? Evidence From Two Representative Twin Samples 0890-8567,
    GUP 238894

  • Märta Wallinius; Carl Delfin; Eva Billstedt; Thomas Nilsson; Henrik Anckarsäter; Björn Hofvander (2016).
    Offenders in Emerging Adulthood: School Maladjustment, Childhood Adversities, and Prediction of Aggressive Antisocial Behaviors. 1573-661X,
    GUP 238186

  • Tova Bennet; Susanna Radovic (2016).
    On the Abolition and Reintroduction of Legal Insanity in Sweden , GUP 236751


  • Karin Trägårdh; Thomas Nilsson; Sven Granath; Joakim Sturup (2016).
    A time trend study of Swedish male and female offenders from 1990 to 2010 1499-9013, GUP 235972


  • Björnsdotter, M. ; Wang, N. ; Pelphrey, K. et al. (2016). Evaluation of Quantified Social Perception Circuit Activity as a Neurobiological Marker of Autism Spectrum Disorder.. JAMA psychiatry. GUP 235524


  • Martin Cederlöf; Erik Pettersson; Amir Sariaslan; Henrik Larsson; Per Östberg; Ian Kelleher; Niklas Långström; Clara Hellner Gumpert; Sebastian Lundström; Paul Lichtenstein (2016).
    The association between childhood autistic traits and adolescent psychotic experiences is explained by general neuropsychiatric problems. 1552-485X, GUP 225571


  • Steinn Steingrimsson; M. I. Sigurdsson; T. Aspelund; S. Sigfusson; A. Magnusson (2016).
    Total population-based study of the impact of substance use disorders on the overall survival of psychiatric inpatients 0803-9488, GUP 235546


  • Anna Zettergren; Sara Karlsson; Daniel Hovey; Lina Jonsson; Jonas Melke; Henrik Anckarsäter; Paul Lichtenstein; Sebastian Lundström; Lars Westberg (2016).
    Further investigations of the relation between polymorphisms in sex steroid related genes and autistic-like traits. 1873-3360, GUP 234690


  • Nigel C. Lester; Danilo Garcia; Sebastian Lundström; Sven Brändström; Maria Råstam; Nora Kerekes; Thomas Nilsson; C. Robert Cloninger; Henrik Anckarsäter (2016).
    The Genetic and Environmental Structure of the Character Sub-Scales of the Temperament and Character Inventory in Adolescence 1744-859X, GUP 232516


  • Steinn Steingrimsson; M. I. Sigurdsson; H. Gudmundsdottir; T. Aspelund; A. Magnusson (2016).
    Mental disorder, imprisonment and reduced life expectancy - A nationwide psychiatric inpatient cohort study 0957-9664, GUP 233369


  • Jonna Maria Eriksson; Sebastian Lundström; Paul Lichtenstein; Susanne Bejerot; Elias Eriksson (2016).
    Effect of co-twin gender on neurodevelopmental symptoms: a twin register study. 2040-2392, GUP 231448



  • Patrick D Quinn; Erik Pettersson; Sebastian Lundström; Henrik Anckarsäter; Niklas Långström; Clara Hellner Gumpert; Henrik Larsson; Paul Lichtenstein; Brian M D'Onofrio (2015).
    Childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and the development of adolescent alcohol problems: A prospective, population-based study of Swedish twins. 1552-485X, GUP 229679



  • Danilo Garcia; Lillemor Adrianson; Trevor Archer; Patricia Rosenberg (2015).
    The Dark Side of the Affective Profiles: Differences and Similarities in Psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and Narcissism 2158-2440, GUP 227668
  • G. D. Bjarnadottir; H. M. Haraldsson; B. O. Rafnar; E. Sigurdsson; Steinn Steingrimsson; M. Johannsson; H. Bragadottir; A. Magnusson (2015).
    Prevalent intravenous abuse of methylphenidate among treatment-seeking patients with substance abuse disorders: A descriptive population-based study 1932-0620, GUP 227418


  • Martin Cederlöf; Erik Pettersson; Amir Sariaslan; Henrik Larsson; Per Östberg; Ian Kelleher; Niklas Långström; Clara Hellner Gumpert; Sebastian Lundström; Paul Lichtenstein (2015).
    The association between childhood autistic traits and adolescent psychotic experiences is explained by general neuropsychiatric problems. 1552-485X, GUP 225571


  • Danilo Garcia; Shane MacDonald; Trevor Archer (2015).
    Two different approaches to the affective profiles model: median splits (variable-oriented) and cluster analysis (person-oriented) , GUP 225427


  • D Hovey; M Lindstedt; A Zettergren; L Jonsson; A Johansson; J Melke; N Kerekes; Henrik Anckarsäter; P Lichtenstein; Sebastian Lundström; Lars Westberg (2015).
    Antisocial behavior and polymorphisms in the oxytocin receptor gene: findings in two independent samples. 1476-5578, GUP 223269


  • Eva Norén Selinus; Yasmina Molero; Paul Lichtenstein; Tomas Larson; Sebastian Lundström; Henrik Anckarsäter; Clara Hellner Gumpert (2015).
    Childhood Symptoms of ADHD Overrule Comorbidity in Relation to Psychosocial Outcome at Age 15: A Longitudinal Study 1932-6203, GUP 222352


  • Nora Kerekes; Armin Tajnia; P. Lichtenstein; Sebastian Lundström; Henrik Anckarsäter; Thomas Nilsson; M. Rastam (2015).
    Neurodevelopmental problems and extremes in BMI


  • Fariba Mousavi; Sandor Rozsa; Thomas Nilsson; Trevor Archer; Henrik Anckarsäter; Danilo Garcia (2015).
    Personality and intelligence: persistence, not self-directedness, cooperativeness or self-transcendence, is related to twins’ cognitive abilities 2167-8359, GUP 220915


  • Einar Steingrimsson; M. I. Sigurdsson; H. Gudmundsdottir; T. Aspelund; A. Magnusson (2015).
    A total population-based cohort study of female psychiatric inpatients who have served a prison sentence 0957-9664, GUP 220164
  • Peggy Törn; Erik Pettersson; Paul Lichtenstein; Henrik Anckarsäter; Sebastian Lundström; Clara Hellner Gumpert; Henrik Larsson; Linnea Kollberg; Niklas Långström; Linda Halldner (2015).
    Childhood neurodevelopmental problems and adolescent bully victimization: population-based, prospective twin study in Sweden. 1435-165X, GUP 219737
  • V. Ullemar; C. Lundholm; A. K. Ortqvist; C. H. Gumpert; Henrik Anckarsäter; Sebastian Lundström; C. Almqvist (2015).
    Predictors of Adolescents' Consent to Use Health Records for Research and Results from Data Collection in a Swedish Twin Cohort 1832-4274, GUP 218690
  • Susanna Radovic; Gerben Meynen; Tova Bennet (2015).
    Introducing a standard of legal insanity: The case of Sweden compared to The Netherlands 0160-2527, GUP 218590 


  • Danilo Garcia; Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén; Trevor Archer
    Character, responsibility, and well-being: influences on mental health and constructive behavior patterns GUP 219808
  • Sebastian Lundström, Abraham Reichenberg, Henrik Anckarsäter, Paul Lichtenstein, Christopher Gillberg
    Autism phenotype versus registered diagnosis in Swedish children: prevalence trends over 10 years in general population samples. GUP 216716

The prevalence of the autism symptom phenotype has remained stable in children in Sweden while the official prevalence for registered, clinically diagnosed, autism spectrum disorder has increased substantially. This suggests that administrative changes, affecting the registered prevalence, rather than secular factors affecting the pathogenesis, are important for the increase in reported prevalence of autism spectrum disorder.

Read the article 

  • Sara Lina Hansson Halleröd; Henrik Anckarsäter; M. Rastam; Marianne Hansson Scherman
    Experienced consequences of being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult - a qualitative study GUP 215606


  • Søren Nielsen; Henrik Anckarsäter; I Carina Gillberg; Christopher Gillberg; Maria Råstam; Elisabet Wentz (2015).
    Effects of Autism Spectrum Disorders on Outcome in Teenage-Onset Anorexia Nervosa evaluated by the Morgan-Russell Outcome Assessment Schedule: A Controlled Community-Based Study. 2040-2392. GUP 213520


Book section: Autism Spectrum Disorders Phenotypes, Mechanisms and Treatments
Editor(s): Leboyer M. (Créteil) Chaste P. (Paris)

  • Ståhlberg O. · Nilsson T. · Lundström S. · Anckarsäter H.
    Autism Spectrum Disorders and Coexisting Mental Health Problems. GUP 214267
  • Christian Munthe; Susanna Radovic
    The Return of Lombroso? Ethical Aspects of (Visions of) Preventive Forensic Screening, GUP 211675


Chistian Munthe and Susanna Radovic describes how the vision of legendary criminologist Cesare Lombroso to use scientific theories of individual causes of crime as a basis for screening and prevention programmes targeting individuals at risk for future criminal behaviour has resurfaced, following advances in genetics, neuroscience and psychiatric epidemiology.

This article analyses this idea and maps its ethical implications from a public health ethical standpoint. 27 variants of the new Lombrosian vision of forensic screening and prevention are distinguished and different aspects of these are discussed.

The article is Open Access and may be accessed and distributed freely.

  • Danilo Garcia; Alexander Jimmefors; Fariba Mousavi; Lillemor Adrianson; Patricia Rosenberg; Trevor Archer 
    Self-regulatory mode (locomotion and assessment), well-being (subjective and psychological), and exercise behavior (frequency and intensity) in relation to high school pupils’ academic achievement. GUP 214808


Chapter in monograph, book: Criminological approaches to international criminal law / Ilias Bantekas, Emmanouela Mylonaki, p. 263-286 

  • Henrik Anckarsäter; Tova Bennet; Thomas Nilsson; Susanna Radovic (2014).
    Mental health and international crimes , GUP 205936


Study: Autism and comorbidity

  • Sebastian Lundström; Abraham Reichenberg; Jonas Melke; Maria Råstam; Nóra Kerekes; Paul Lichtenstein; Christopher Gillberg; Henrik Anckarsäter
    Autism spectrum disorders and coexisting disorders in a nationwide Swedish twin study, GUP 203725

In a just-published Swedish study investigating autism in swedish twins the authors concluded that 50% of those who had an autism diagnosis also displayed four or more concomittant disorders.

By using monozygotic and dizygotic twins one could discern that the genetics behind autism spectrum disorders are not specific to autism.

This is corroborated by other studies who also show that the genetics behind autism affects virtually all common child and adolescent psychiatric conditions.

This article introduces twin methodology in an easy-to-understand fashion and illustrates complex genetic associations on an individual level, something that has not been done before.

Read the article: Autism spectrum disorders and coexisting disorders in a nationwide Swedish twin study


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